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Akea is Now Available at the Spa!

September 08, 2015

We’re so excited about Akea! This terrific whole-food nutritional supplement is formulated to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and increase energy and stamina. Akea nourishes your body with superfoods so you can maintain optimal health and longevity.

Why Akea is Different – The BEST of Nature!

Akea’s ingredients are modeled on the same ingredients in foods eaten by the World’s longest-lived people. These places are knows an “longevity hot spots”.

The formula is based on Longevity Hot Spot Research, delivering health-enhancing foods from the world’s healthiest cultures. People in these “hot spots” are healthier and live longer than anyone else in the world. Their populations have far fewer cases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity than others. And they have, on average, significantly higher percentages of centenarians and supercentenarians, those people who live past 100 and past 110.


Akea’s special formula is so beneficial to your health because:

Akea Is Made from Whole Foods

Incorporating natural and organic ingredients, Akea delivers nutrients in a digestible form, as nature intended. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are concentrated into an easily mixable powder, perfect for smoothies.

Fermented Akea is Great for Your Health

Science is beginning to recognize the benefits of fermented foods for bioavailability and health benefits. Cultures around the world have long fermented foods such as yogurt, tofu, and wine. Fermenting food creates nutritional metabolites, making the food more digestible and optimizing our bodies’ biological functioning. With probiotics and enzymes, Akea is ready to boost your health as soon as you take a sip.

Our Newest Health Product, Akea, Creates Synergy

Akea is nutritionally complex, and the nutrients work in synergy, not in isolation. In Longevity Hot Spots, people eat a variety of nutrient-dense food daily. Akea delivers phytonutrients from 30 organic plants, grains, and herbs found in Longevity Hot Spots the world over. These nutrients work together to make a supplement that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Even though the makers of Akea covered the globe in the search for the best foods on earth, most ingredients in Akea are grown here in the U.S. on organic farms. The Akea team has hand-picked 30 foods for health and longevity, including acai berries, blueberries, green tea, apricots, and lots more, each a superfood with super benefits for your body.

Akea Superfoods

(Click on the superfood name for additional information.)

* Found in Akea

Acai berries Ginger*
Apples Goji berries*
Apricots* Green tea*
Avocados Mushrooms*
Blueberries* Red Wine and Resveratrol*
Beans Soy
Brassica vegetables* Spinach*
Buckwheat* Sprouted Foods*
Chocolate (cacao)* Sweet Potatoes*
Chlorella and Spirulina* Tomato Paste and Tomatoes
Cinnamon* Turmeric*
Flax Yogurt*

Akea is designed to provide:

  • phytonutrients,
  • vitamins,
  • minerals,
  • probiotics, and
  • enzymes

to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and increase energy and stamina. It may also decrease cravings and stabilize blood sugar.* Akea is 90% organic, vegetarian, gluten- and nut-free, with no artificial ingredients.

How to Take Akea

Take one serving twice daily for optimal benefit, or once daily for maintenance.
  • Take it on an empty stomach, or with meals.
  • Makes a great pick-me-up, healthy mid-day snack, or a smart choice when there’s no time for a complete meal.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels and sustained energy throughout the day.
 Akea comes in powder form and mixes well with any amount of your favorite beverage. Try these ideas…
  • “Mixers”. Quick & easy favorites to enjoy with Akea.
  • Juices. It makes a terrific addition to any fresh fruit or vegetable juice.
  • Smoothies. Akea is a great boost to any smoothie.
  • Milk. Akea is delicious in vanilla or chocolate almond milk, or cow’s milk.
  • Water. It also mixes well with your favorite flavored water, such as Vitamin or Sobe water.

At Coastal Massage and Bodywork, we love to help you feel better from the inside out. After your massage or spa services, check out our new health supplement Akea. To optimize your health and longevity, take a page from long-lived cultures throughout the world and see how it works for you! Give us a call today at (910) 208-4161 to book a massage, a facial, or any of our spa services. Or schedule an appointment online. Make sure to ask Theresa about Akea—she’s had amazing results!