Refresh and rejuvenate without irritation or sensitivity. Enzymes and peptides keep skin perfectly nourished, antioxidants protect, and hyaluronic acid infuses optimal hydration. A treatment mask provides the right amount of exfoliation for summer months or year round when less exfoliation is desired.

Clarifying Facial

Clearing | Balancing | Purifying

This powerful and effective deep pore cleansing facial utilizes salicylic acid, green tea, and acne fighting peptides to remove impurities and improve skin clarity. while combating acne and unbalanced skin. Incorporating rosemary and basil in an all natural detox mask will soothe, heal, and reveal healthy looking skin.

60 mins

Anti-Aging Facial

Stimulating | Repairing | Rejuvenating

Stimulate collagen production for youthful and lasting suppleness with this invigorating anti-aging enzyme treatment that promotes glow and firming of the skin. Includes cleansing and exfoliation with appropriate enzyme masque treatment, nutrient support and extractions, eye and lip support, stimulating finishing masque, moisture support, and mineral sun protection.

60 mins

Skin Brightening Facial

Exfoliating | Correcting | Brightening

With this facial, refresh and renew the skin to achieve a more glowing complexion. This treatment includes A patented fusion of green tea, wheatgrass, eucalyptus, citrus and lactic acid. Combined, these ingredients provide triple level exfoliation to fade discoloration from sun damage, hormones, genetics or age spots. Face and chest are exfoliated using customized enzymes then masked and drenched with deep hydration, revealing a long-lasting brilliance. No downtime, just fresh, new, younger looking skin.

60 mins

Signature Facial

Pore cleansing | Anti-Aging | Nourishing

Our signature facial will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, while providing your skin with a dual deep pore cleansing, exfoliation with steam,facial massage to encourage circulation and relaxation, and a luxurious hydrating masque. Finalizing with nutrients customized for your skin.

30 mins
60 mins

Four-layer Restoration Green Treatment

Restoring | Detoxifying | Healing

This is an amazing deep tissue facial that smooths, softens, clarifies and restores skin using the elements of our GREEN products. Green Tea, Green Papaya, Green Enzyme, Green Italian Herbs, Green Clay, Green Rosemary Basil and Green Growth Factor. Many skin types will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliations and purifying and stimulating masks, reducing oil, blemishes, rough texture, sensitivities, dehydration, and dull complexion.

60 mins

Oncology Facial

A gentle, soothing facial for skin undergoing chemotherapy. The goal is to soften and lift dead skin cells while assisting in the strengthening and building process using vital antioxidants, peptides and essential nutrients. Skin will be bathed with crucial hydration for a brighter, healthier-looking skin. Choose from Nourishing, Inflammation, or Pigment Support.

60 mins

Oncology Spa Services are known to help reduce some of the common side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the nurturing qualities of these spa treatments, many patients will a notice an improvement with their complexion, plus a decrease in stress and anxiety.

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