Celebrate Dad This Father's Day With The Gift Of Spa!

Treat Him Like A King

Introducing Energy Work at Coastal Massage & Spa

Have you ever gone into a room & thought, “Wow, the energy in here is really great!” Or, perhaps you have entered a room or establishment and felt uncomfortable or uneasy. What you may be feeling is energy. That’s because everything is made up of energy, it’s all around you and is you. That’s right, you, me, the flowers, the trees…even the stones and shells on the beach are vibrating energy fields & the space between. Let me elaborate; organic objects tend to have a higher energy frequency that non-organic. So, a tree would have a stronger energy field than a wooden table. The tree in its natural (organic) state will give off more energy, at a higher frequency, than the same tree that has been cut down and fashioned into a piece of furniture. We are no different from trees in this case. When we are in nature our energy frequency rises because that is our natural state.

So, since we are all made of energy, we here at Coastal Massage & Spa thought it would be beneficial if we offered a service that works specifically to balance your energy. Not just to balance it, but to activate it and unblock it should it become stagnant. Often times a blockage or imbalance of energy can manifest itself in a physical manner, such as an illness or disease. It is important to get your energy centers flowing and working together evenly.

You do not have to understand how energy works for it to become balanced. Chances are, your energy has become unbalanced without your knowledge. At Coastal Massage & Spa, we have trained energy workers that have been studying and working with other people’s energy for over 20 years. Our chakra balancing massage uses 5 different modalities to encourage and orchestrate energy activation and balancing.

If you would like more information on Reiki or our Chakra Balancing Massage, please give us a call 910.208.4161.

Mother’s Day Specials 2018

Mother & Daughter Retreat $520

Mom: Hydrafacial, 60 Minute Massage & Relaxing Foot Soak

Daughter: Hydrafacial Perk Face, 60 Minute Massage & a Relaxing Foot Soak

* Complimentary use of the amenities

Mother & Daughter Spa Day $360

60 Minute Massage & 60 Minute Facial

*Complimentary use of the amenities

Mom’s on the Run $120

30 Minute Massage & 30 Minute Facial

Prenatal Bodyglow and Prenatal Facial $240

Full Body Scrub Followed by a 60 Minute Facial

The Best Skin for the Best Mom $1,000

Package of 6 Signature Hydrafacials

FREE Hydrafacial Perk ($60 Value)

Lip or Eye Add On with Any Deluxe Hydrafacial

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What Style Of Massage Is Right For YOU?

What’s the Best Massage for Your Personal Needs?

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Cranio-Sacral Massage
  • Neuromuscular Therapy

Sometimes it can be confusing – you know you’re stressed and everybody tells you that you need a good massage, but what type of massage should you get? There are so many options available, how do you know which one will suit you?

Our licensed massage and bodywork therapists customize every massage therapy session to your unique needs and preferences. At the beginning of each appointment, your therapist will ask what results you are looking for, such as relaxation or pain relief and will listen to you carefully in order to assess which treatments would be the most appropriate for your wellness goals. Integrating several different techniques and varied levels of pressure. Sessions may include:

Here’s an overview on some of the different types of massage and how they can benefit you.

Deep Tissue Massage 
This is more of a remedial massage than a relaxing one; ideal for anyone who does a lot of sport or has very tight muscles. It can feel uncomfortable as your therapist will work deeply into your muscles and connective tissues to release any tension in them. It can feel slightly painful although people tend to describe it as a ‘good hurt’ – and you may feel a bit of soreness afterwards, especially if it’s your first deep tissue massage. Most people agree that it’s worth it as you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Hot Stone Massage 
This is a supremely relaxing massage where the therapist uses specially designed warmed stones to increase its effects. This one is designed for pure relaxation and is an indulgent treatment that’s also great for first-timers. While you’re enjoying your massage, we carefully place the smooth, heated stones on different areas of your body. Sometimes they are also used as part of the massage to help get deeper into any troublesome areas; the heat from the stones helps loosen the muscles even more. This one will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Swedish Massage 
This is one of the most popular massages – it’s sometimes called the ‘relaxation massage’ which is a clue; it’s absolutely great for getting rid of stress and anxiety. It’s also a good one to try if you’re new to massage as it doesn’t work too deeply into your muscles and the techniques we use are all designed to relax and de-stress.

So what can you expect? Your massage therapist will use long, flowing strokes all over your body, combined with kneading, tapping and circular motions. We’ll also use oils or lotions to make the massage smoother, and feel great for you. If you’ve got tight muscles, aches and pains, we can increase the pressure where you need it more. Swedish massage is helpful if you’re experiencing pain from conditions like sciatica and arthritis, and it can also give your circulation a boost as all the techniques are designed to help get blood pumping around your body.

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Why Massage is the Perfect Gift for Dad

It’s not just stressed moms who appreciate a massage – hard working dads love to receive massages too, and what better time to treat your dad than Father’s Day?

Dads can be so hard to buy gifts for at the best of times. They probably smile when they are presented with yet another tie, gift set or Amazon voucher, but how happy could you make your dad with a thoughtful gift that will really benefit his health and wellbeing too?

For Father’s Day, it can be difficult to decide what to give the man who has given you so much. How do you show him just how much you appreciate him? This year, why not give the most special man in your life the gift of health and well-being and treat him to a massage?

Why a massage is a great gift

Even if your dad is a newcomer to massage therapy and probably wouldn’t book a massage session for himself, he’s probably always wondered what a massage would be like. Take the decision out of his hands and give him an opportunity to find out for himself with a massage voucher for Father’s Day.

As any massage lover knows, a massage isn’t just something you get after an injury or to relax when you’ve been overdoing it, it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle that’s good for you in its own right. Massage therapy is a good preventative step you can take to keep yourself healthy; treating your dad to massage is a way of telling him that you care and want him to stay well. What better way to show a great dad just how much he means to you? If you need any more convincing, here are a few benefits you might like to share with him on Father’s Day.

What a massage can do for your dad

  • Regular massage can help to improve his physical performance. As men (and women) get older it undeniably gets a bit harder to stay fit, but scheduling in regular massage therapy can help by improving flexibility and overall physical performance, which means your dad gets to stay more active for longer.
  • It helps to keep his blood pressure lower. Cardiovascular health is a big health concern, especially for men, and a dose of regular massage can be a real help with lowering blood pressure if it’s on the high side. It also helps reduce stress and tension.
  • It’s good for raising immunity. Rather than dealing with the misery of colds and minor illnesses, strengthen his immune system with a massage so that he can fight them off better. Studies have shown that massage really does help to boost natural immunity and increase well-being, which will help your dad to fight off disease and improve his quality of life too.
  • It helps to boost energy, and improve feelings of wellbeing and vitality.

With all those benefits, you have to admit that a massage voucher is much better for your dad this Father’s Day than another pair of socks or some whisky!

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