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5 Ways Massage Can Benefit Crossfitters

For blasting calories, it’s hard to beat CrossFit. The high-intensity cardio and strength training burns calories faster than other workouts, and fans love the variety of the workouts and the results.

But a vigorous CrossFit workout can be hard on your body, especially at first. It’s important to take care of yourself between workouts to prevent injury and exhaustion. Massage therapy from Coastal Massage and Bodywork can be a big help in rejuvenating your body between CrossFit workouts. Here’s how it works:

1. Massage Can Help Repair Damaged Muscles

Rigorous exercise of all types, including CrossFit, causes tiny tears in muscle fibers. That makes your muscles feel sore, but it also helps build muscle as you rest and heal.

Massage helps reduce soreness and heal muscles faster. How? Massage stimulates your body’s mitochondria, which help repair the muscle tears. And it reduces the production of cytokines which cause inflammation. This helps repair damaged muscles by increasing a fresh blood and oxygen supply and removing toxins that have built up in the tissue.

2. Massage Therapy Gets Blood Flowing

CrossFit is great for cardiovascular conditioning and joint mobility. Getting a massage between your CrossFit workouts helps to lengthen muscles and improve blood flow. Getting this extra oxygen into your body really improves recovery time and range of motion.

3. Regular Massage Helps Prevent Injury

After a vigorous workout like CrossFit, lactic acid can build up in your muscles, causing soreness. If you don’t keep the lactic acid moving, it will slow your body’s recovery time.

A knowledgeable massage therapist knows how to help your body repair itself by working the lactic acid out of your muscles. That means your recovery time after CrossFit is faster, and there’s less chance of injury from your workout.

4. Reduce Stress with Massage

Everyone knows how beneficial massage is for stress reduction. If you’re feeling sore, it can cause stress and anxiety. A good massage will get you back on the path to positive thinking about your CrossFit workout.

5. Reduce Inflammation the Natural Way

When your muscles ache after a CrossFit workout, it’s tempting to pop a pain reliever such as aspirin or ibuprofen. But these drugs don’t reduce inflammation in the same way massage does. Massage therapy can provide safe, long-lasting reduction of inflammation in the muscles, bones, joints, nerves, and tendons.

Consider scheduling regular massage therapy sessions to ease soreness and fatigue from your CrossFit workout. When you know you’re going to have an especially vigorous workout, request a massage appointment on a rest day. Or set up a massage session if you have a Crossfit competition coming up.

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Coastal Massage and Bodyworks knows what a great workout CrossFit is, and our licensed massage therapists love to help make it even better by easing soreness and helping repair your muscles with massage. Each of our massage sessions is customized to address your unique needs. Call us today at (910) 240-2987 to schedule a session, or book a massage online. We look forward to helping make your CrossFit program even better!

12 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions We Know You Can Keep

New year, new you! We’ve all heard the mantra and we’ve all made attempts – but let’s admit that a “new you” is hard for anyone to accomplish. You start the year strong, but within a few weeks, you’re more discouraged than ever…and that is no way to start a new year! Sometimes, starting with small changes will yield the biggest changes of all.

We have a list of very realistic and rewarding resolutions that will promote a positive mindset, self awareness, self acceptance, and grow relationships. Some are simple and silly and they might not be as lofty and exciting as “get in bikini shape by the end of March,” but they are much more appropriate for your busy lifestyle. And we know that nothing makes us feel better than actually achieving our goals.

How many of these realistic New Year’s Resolutions will you keep?

I will cut out at least one series of The Real Housewives

Garbage in, garbage out right? While it may me too much to ask to remove your TV entirely from your home, resolve to reduce the amount of mindless drama you consume. And if you’re feeling really ambitious – say “bye bye” to the Kardashians too!

I resolve reduce takeout orders to once a week.

While this one step will not get you “bikini ready” it will get you on the right track to making smarter decisions regarding what you put in your body. Take out and fast food is full of extra calories, fat, sodium, and less nutrients than the same foods prepared at home.

I resolve to work on breaking a nasty habit.

Especially if this habit happens to be detrimental to your health, mindset, or well being. Make your mind up to squash a nasty habits once and for all. You don’t have to quit them all at once…for now, just pick one. You can do it!

I resolve to spend less time feeling disappointed when I look in the mirror and more time feeling fabulous.

When you look yourself in the mirror, stop focusing on what you don’t like and take a minute to verbally tell yourself how awesome you are. Vocal, positive affirmations are proven to make you feel more confident, happy, and energized. We believe in you, and you should too!

I resolve call my parents more often.

More often is different for everyone. If you’re already talking everyday, then this resolution isn’t for you.  It is if you only wait for your parents to call you or only call them with you need something. “Just because” calls will have a positive impact on you, the ‘rents and your relationship. Put a reminder on your calendar every so often to call Mom and/or Dad. These don’t have to be hour long conversations- just check in and share something that happened or just see how their day went. You only get one set of parents, so make them a priority.

I resolve not get suckered into another “cleanse” or crash diet.

Crash diets and cleanses just don’t work. If you’re drinking a juice cleanse in addition to three balanced meals each day, then great! Juice it up. But if the juice is taking place of food, your insides will be frightened and shocked and will ultimately hate you. Just don’t do it.

I will find a workout I don’t despise.

Exercise can be fun! Resolve to pick up a new way to move your body in 2016. Take a dance class, join a club sport, or walk in a beautiful part of town.

I resolve to finish a Pinterest project I pinned last year

Pinterest can make anyone feel like a failure. I mean, how does anyone have the time and patience to create a sweater for their dog? Instead of spending hours pinning projects to endless boards, pick one that you know you can finish. It will feel great!

I resolve to do one thing that takes me out of my comfort zone.

Attend an event where you don’t know anyone, enroll in a course you’ve been interested in, call that friend you haven’t seen in years, ask for a new responsibility at work. Take a leap and commit.

I resolve to say “no” and not feel bad about it.

Just because you’re asked to do something, doesn’t mean you have to. Knowing when to say “no” or “no thank you” is about setting boundaries with what you know you have time and means to do without sacrificing yourself or other things you care about. Setting boundaries is not something to feel guilty about, it can actually be very empowering.

I resolve to reward myself…often.

We recommend taking time away from media to relax and reflect. We also know a great place to get a massage, facial, or body treatment.

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I will stay in as often as I’d like.

It’s OK to skip the party or night out. Spending an evening catching up with loved ones by phone, writing a letter, reading a book, or taking a bath are perfectly acceptable ways to spend an evening.

These realistic resolutions will have you feeling great about yourself and your life in 2016 – which will you do first?

5 Reasons Why Men Need Massages MORE Often

We could spend quite some time speculating as to why men don’t come in to get massages until they are referred by a doctor or chiropractor, receive a gift certificate or perhaps it was their partner making an appointment for a couples massage.  There many reasons as to why, but here are the reason’s you should be listening to your wife or girlfriend and coming in on a regular basis.

Treat ailments from work

Whether it’s from a physically demanding job or a desk job, massage can help treat muscles that have been overused. Repetitive motions such as typing can lead to muscle fatigue. As muscles tighten, they lose flexibility, which leads to postural issues and a higher risk of injury.

Injuries from being active

Massage can prevent sport injuries as well as help promote the healing process of injuries by flushing out the lactic acid and metabolic waste to move out of the body allowing for oxygen-rich and nutrient-filled blood to flow in.. Men who are active in sports and receive massage on a regular basis are able to perform at a higher level.

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Promote well being

We all have stress in our lives. Massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression which helps promote a general sense of well being.

Reduce stress

According to Men’s Health magazine men are at a higher risk for high blood pressure once they reach the age of 45. High blood pressure is related to numerous health risks such as hypertension, kidney failure and heart failure. Massage can help reduce high blood pressure by relieving stress and improving circulation.

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Time to recharge

Most people equate having a busy schedule with success; however, it is important to not let yourself get burnt out so you can continue to manage your responsibilities. It is important to find some quality me time and massage can help you do that. Massage is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with some much needed meditation.

So the next time you feel your body aches and pains coming back, schedule yourself a massage. You deserve it. Having a particular stressful week? Try a hot stone or deep tissue massage to help melt away all you worries and tension away. You can also try one of our therapeutic add ons.

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Schedule your appointment using our online booking system or call 910-208-4161.


What Should I Do After My Massage?

Massage is perfect for relieving stress, alleviating pain and promoting overall well being. Whether your getting a massage to manage stress or for healing purposes, there are ways to further enjoy the many benefits of massage even after leaving the massage table.

Here are a few tips Coastal Massage Bodywork has compiled to help you ensure you get the most out of your massage.

1. One of the most common reasons people seek massage is to help relieve stress. While massage therapy will definitely help you manage your stress levels, you can maintain this relaxation by learning to reduce strain and stress on your body. For example, take the time to learn breathing techniques and how to let go of tension you are holding on to.

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2. Take care of your body by maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy nourishing foods and getting plenty of exercise.

3. Water is beneficial for reducing muscle soreness and removing any toxins released during the massage session.

4. Eating foods filled with nutrient goodness will help repair your muscles more quickly. Vitamins and minerals help your body function at its best as well as give you the tools you need to combat stress and tension.

5. Just like massage, exercise can invigorate your body and help keep your muscles active. Exercise is great for relieving tension, releasing endorphins and relieving stress.

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6. Make sure to schedule your next appointment. Give your body the gift of wellness by having regular massages to help maintain stress and tension levels as well as promote overall well being.



How Regular Massage Can Help You Prevent The Flu

While there are many “secrets” to staying healthy such as proper diet, exercise, supplements, hydration, and getting enough sleep, many are not aware of the amazing health benefits of regular massage. Massage can boost your immune system and keep you healthy even during flu season.

Flu season is right around the corner. Protecting yourself from illness is important. Washing your hands and taking your Vitamin C might not be enough to keep you from getting sick. Even if you get the flu shot, changes of catching a bug are still possible with some strains. Massage therapy is well known for help reduce stress and promote relaxation, but the benefits go well beyond these concepts. Integrating massage into your wellness routine can have a significant effect on your immune system. It can keep you healthy all year long.

Research shows that massage therapy continues to prevail in the medical community. It is key to combating illness, stress, anxiety and so much more. According to a study from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, people who had a 45 minute massage showed an increase number of lymphocytes which are the white blood cells that help defend your body against disease. Adding regular massage to your health regimen can strengthen your immune system and help reduce the chances of you getting sick.

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Research also shows that reducing stress levels helps improve well being significantly. Massage can help lower levels of cortisol which is a hormone produced as a response to stress. When cortisol levels rise, your body’s defense cells go down. When cortisol levels are lowered, serotonin is relased. This is linked to boosting your immune system and overall well being.

Your immune systems ability to protect itself is hindered by the combination of stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just exercising and eating well, its taking an active approach to lowering your stress levels. One of the best ways to do this is to get regular massages. Regular massages can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Remember, consistency is key. The more massages you get, the better your body will feel. Consider your monthly massage sessions as a natural way to prevent and combat illness.

Avoid the flu season by booking an appointment with Coastal Massage Bodywork. To schedule an appointment please call 910-208-4161. Online booking is also available for your convenience.

How To Get The BEST Massage You’ve Ever Had

At Coastal Massage, we see a variety of clientele, each with their own goals, needs and comfort levels. We are here to provide you with the best massage experience by tailoring each season for your specific needs. To help us provide you with outstanding care, here are a few tips to help you get the massage you want and deserve.

Communicate your goals to us.

What do you hope to achieve through massage therapy? Knowing your goals helps us pair you up with the massage therapist that will fit your needs.

Be specific about your needs.

Tell us about your comfort level and your preferences such as amount of pressure you like applied during the session, whether you like loud or quiet music or if you need the temperature adjusted.

Communicate during the session.

Inform us of any discomfort or painful areas so that the therapist can avoid these areas or focus on these areas during the session.

Drink plenty of water.

Making sure to drink water afterward will increase the benefits of massage such as flushing out toxins from your body.

Be on time.

It’s important to be on time and a few minutes early for your appointment so you are not rushed when filling out paperwork or sharing your goals and expectations with your massage therapists. You also want to make sure you are able to get your full amount of time and that others coming in after you are able to begin on time.

Feel free to chat or lie in silent serenity.

It’s your session. Some clients enjoy conversing with their massage therapist, while others prefer the quiet. Either way is perfectly okay.

Indulge in aromatherapy.

Aramotherapy is a great add on (complimentary at Coastal Massage & Bodywork) to the massage experience, however, please let us know if you have any aversions to specific essential oils or lotions.

Really relax.

During the massage, try to relax your muscles and your mind. The more you are able to release tension, the better the outcome of the massage.

Massage therapy is a wonderful and positive experience that can help alleviate pain, stress and promote overall health. By following these tips, our trained and licensed massage therapists will be able to create a customized massage just for you. To schedule an appointment with Coastal Massage Bodywork, please call 910-208-4161. Online booking is also available for your convenience.