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12 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions We Know You Can Keep

December 15, 2015

New year, new you! We’ve all heard the mantra and we’ve all made attempts – but let’s admit that a “new you” is hard for anyone to accomplish. You start the year strong, but within a few weeks, you’re more discouraged than ever…and that is no way to start a new year! Sometimes, starting with small… Read more »

5 Reasons Why Men Need Massages MORE Often

November 30, 2015

We could spend quite some time speculating as to why men don’t come in to get massages until they are referred by a doctor or chiropractor, receive a gift certificate or perhaps it was their partner making an appointment for a couples massage.  There many reasons as to why, but here are the reason’s you should be… Read more »

What Should I Do After My Massage?

November 09, 2015

Massage is perfect for relieving stress, alleviating pain and promoting overall well being. Whether your getting a massage to manage stress or for healing purposes, there are ways to further enjoy the many benefits of massage even after leaving the massage table. Here are a few tips Coastal Massage Bodywork has compiled to help you… Read more »

No Shave November Instagram Contest

November 05, 2015

It’s that time of year, and we’re pumped for the No Shave November Instagram contest! Enter for the chance to win an hour long massage from us, a gift card to Bloke, and grooming products from Forge & Foundry. To enter, post photos of you and your facial hair adventures, and tag @blokeapparelandsupply, @forgeandfoundry, and… Read more »

How Regular Massage Can Help You Prevent The Flu

October 28, 2015

While there are many “secrets” to staying healthy such as proper diet, exercise, supplements, hydration, and getting enough sleep, many are not aware of the amazing health benefits of regular massage. Massage can boost your immune system and keep you healthy even during flu season. Flu season is right around the corner. Protecting yourself from illness… Read more »

How To Get The BEST Massage You’ve Ever Had

October 14, 2015

At Coastal Massage, we see a variety of clientele, each with their own goals, needs and comfort levels. We are here to provide you with the best massage experience by tailoring each season for your specific needs. To help us provide you with outstanding care, here are a few tips to help you get the… Read more »