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Benefits of Massage Therapy You Probably Haven’t Thought of

February 23, 2015

Massages just don’t feel great–they also provide numerous health benefits that most people don’t know about but would be thrilled if they only knew!

Benefits of Massage for Tension and Stress Related Illnesses

Therapuetic massage relieves musculoskeletal tension that inhibits blood flow necessary for providing nutritients to all parts of the body. Chronic tension also contributes to increasing stiffness of connective tissue called the fascia, which surrounds and enhances muscles. By stimulating blood flow and “exercising” stressed tissues, massages can effectively stop stress and tension from impairing the normal functioning of the circulatory and central nervous system. Consequently, medical issues such as stiffness, back pain, headache, gastrointestinal disorders and other illnesses attributed to chronic stress and excessive cortisol release can be eliminated by massage therapy.


Massage Therapy–A Fountain of Youth?

According to Kimara Ahnert of Women’s Health Magazine, a massage directed at the face and scalp can increase nutritious blood flow to these areas, promote lymphatic drainage and even plump out fine lines and slack skin naturally. Since your lymphatic system is responsible for removing toxins out of the bloodstream and cellular material, it benefits the body for this system to function as optimally as possible.

As Ahnert explains it, “shuttling toxins such as free radicals away from cells means ample amounts of nutrients can reach skin and hair cells to improve damaged, dull complexions and restore vitality to dull hair“.



Relieves Side Effects of Cancer and Cancer Treatments

A recent study involving metastic cancer patients found that those patients who received regular massage therapy experienced reduced pain, improved sleep patterns and better quality of life. In fact, the study also revealed that massage therapy excelled at helping advanced cancer patients feel healthier than patients who participated in “no-touch” treatments such as medication, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Natural Relief for Age-Related Diseases

For seniors living with osteoarthritis or Alzheimer’s disease, massage therapy has been shown to relieve multiple symptoms in numerous research studies. For OA patients, therapuetic massage significantly decreased their pain and joint stiffness while increasing their range of motion. Alzheimer’s patients who suffered frequent bouts of agitation and anxiety benefited from the ability of therapeutic massage to relax and soothe physical and mental issues common to people with AD.

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