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3 Reasons to Get a Sports Massage in Wilmington NC

March 18, 2015

Sports massage has become a regular practice for professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes. This type of massage can help relieve soreness and pain and promote recovery from injuries. Athletes are not the only people who benefit from a sports massage. Sports Massage is effective for people with all types of injuries and chronic pain and those who have a limited range of motion.


There are three main benefits of the sports massage:

1. Sports massage can help you recover from injuries faster.

Sports massage helps stimulate blood circulation and increase range of motion, which makes it an effective option for those who are recovering from injuries. A rehabilitative sports massage can help relieve your pain and restore your body’s total health.

2. This type of massage helps improve your range of motion.

Whether you’re an athlete who regularly competes in a high intensity sport or just someone who likes to stay active, it is important to maintain a full range of motion. By breaking down knots in the muscles, a sports massage helps increase your range of motion. Regular massage given during the training process can also improve your ability to train harder with less injury.

3. A sports massage can help reduce your chance of injury.

With a sports massage, the massage therapist will target the muscles that you use most based on the type of sport or activity that you participate in. Getting a massage before a sporting event or competition can help prepare your body for movement. Likewise, a post-event sports massage helps your muscles adjust after you have exerted energy.

Sports Massage Wilmington NC

The secret to effective sports massage is targeting the problematic areas and muscles that are used most during the sports and activities that you like to participate in. This means that you need a massage therapist that will customize your massage experience to your unique needs. The licensed massage therapists at Coastal Massage & Bodywork provide individualized sports massage in Wilmington NC.

Are you ready to find relief from pain and optimize your overall performance? Schedule your sports massage appointment today using our online booking system or by calling (910) 208-4161.