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Relax and Recharge with a Swedish Massage Wilmington NC

June 15, 2015

When most people picture a relaxing massage, whether or not they realize it, they are likely thinking about Swedish massage therapy. Swedish massage is one of the most common forms of massage therapy. Depending on the therapist’s technique and the client’s desired results, this massage can range from gentle and slow or vigorous and refreshing.

Swedish massage is a great way to help release tension in their body that builds up over the course of time. When it comes to a Swedish Massage Wilmington NC residents can expect a relaxing and personalized experience from Coastal Massage and Bodywork.


Who Will Benefit From a Swedish Massage?

The main goal of Swedish massage therapy is to relax the entire body. However, this therapy extends beyond just relaxation. Swedish massage therapy is also beneficial for:

  • Releasing tension in the muscles
  • Increasing oxygen levels in the blood
  • Decreasing levels of toxins in the muscles
  • Improving circulation and flexibility

Though many people can benefit from a Swedish massage Wilmington NC residents who are visiting a spa for the first time or do not get a massage often might consider starting with the Swedish massage.

What to Expect During Your Swedish Massage Wilmington NC

A Swedish massage ranges from 60 – 120 minutes. A longer massage allows the therapist more time to work the muscle tissue.

The massage therapist begins by lubricating the skin with massage oils. Then the therapist will perform numerous massage strokes or movements in order to warm up the muscle tissue. These generally include effleurage, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping. These movements release tension and break up adhered tissues or muscle knots.


Typically, a person will begin lying face down with his or her head in a u-shaped cradle that allows for the spine to stay neutral while the therapist massages the back. When the therapist is finished working the back, he or she will then massage the front of each leg and arm before finishing with the neck and shoulders.

Customized Swedish Massage Wilmington NC

Each Swedish massage can be customized to include a variety of massage modalities. This personalization depends on what type of results you would like to achieve. To get the most out of your massage, set up a pre-massage consultation with one of the licensed massage therapists at Coastal Massage and Bodywork. During your consultation, openly discuss your pain management and relaxation needs so that the therapist can help you achieve your desired results.

Schedule your appointment today using our online booking system or by calling (910) 208 – 4161.