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Can Massage Help Me Lose Weight?

June 25, 2015

We all know that losing weight isn’t easy and there is no magic pill or diet. However, there are simple things you can do make it easier to keep making healthy choices when it comes to diet and exercise. One of those simple things is to incorporate massage into the healthy lifestyle you’re building.

Massage can help you take your weight loss plan to a whole new level

Massage improves your body’s resilience, aids in muscle nutrition and flexibility, and supports your mental and emotional well-being. The link between massage and weight loss is the result of many subtle factors working together, including better injury prevention and increasing the rate of healing after a workout.

So, how does Massage promote weight loss?

  • Massage can improve your circulation – full body massage works to improve circulation. This brings blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to all your tissues and organs. It also helps remove the waste products of metabolism and fluid retention.
  • Massage can improves muscle tone – we all know that massage aids in relaxation and releasing tension, but this helps our overall muscle tone as well. Vigorous massage can also help the appearance of cellulite.
  • Massage can shorten your recovery time following intense physical activity – One of the crucial elements to weight loss is exercise. But sometimes starting a new routine or pushing yourself results in sore muscles that make it harder to continue in our exercise schedule. Regular massage keeps the lactic acid that is produced after exercise from building up.
  • Massage aids stress relief – stress is one of the top contributing factors to weight gain. Finding ways to relieve this stress are essential to maximizing any weight loss program. Stress produces the hormone Cortisol which drives us to eat more in order to replenish our body from the effects of adrenaline and other chemicals released when we are in the height of our stress. Massage keeps these levels low.
  • Massage is a calorie free reward- a reward you can give to yourself for achieving your goals, and feel zero guilt about afterwards.
Young woman having back massage on spa treatment

Massage is another tool to support your mental and emotional health, a key factor in determining your weight-loss success. This positive outlook will help keep you continue making healthy lifestyle choices and our licensed massage and bodywork therapists will be there with you to celebrate your achievements and keep you positive and committed.

When you arrive for your first massage you will have a consultation with one of our massage therapists to discuss your weight loss goals and fitness plan. They will work with you to develop the best treatment for your body’s specific needs. Weekly massages are ideal, but you can reap plenty of benefits from monthly visits, too.

Coastal Massage & Bodywork in Wilmington NC wants you to be the best version of you.


You can choose to elevate your current massage routine from being a guilty pleasure to a healthy habit, and the benefit will be a healthier, happier you! Call 910-208-4161 or Schedule an Appointment Online. We look forward to working with you!