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How Regular Massage Can Help You Prevent The Flu

October 28, 2015

While there are many “secrets” to staying healthy such as proper diet, exercise, supplements, hydration, and getting enough sleep, many are not aware of the amazing health benefits of regular massage. Massage can boost your immune system and keep you healthy even during flu season.

Flu season is right around the corner. Protecting yourself from illness is important. Washing your hands and taking your Vitamin C might not be enough to keep you from getting sick. Even if you get the flu shot, changes of catching a bug are still possible with some strains. Massage therapy is well known for help reduce stress and promote relaxation, but the benefits go well beyond these concepts. Integrating massage into your wellness routine can have a significant effect on your immune system. It can keep you healthy all year long.

Research shows that massage therapy continues to prevail in the medical community. It is key to combating illness, stress, anxiety and so much more. According to a study from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, people who had a 45 minute massage showed an increase number of lymphocytes which are the white blood cells that help defend your body against disease. Adding regular massage to your health regimen can strengthen your immune system and help reduce the chances of you getting sick.

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Research also shows that reducing stress levels helps improve well being significantly. Massage can help lower levels of cortisol which is a hormone produced as a response to stress. When cortisol levels rise, your body’s defense cells go down. When cortisol levels are lowered, serotonin is relased. This is linked to boosting your immune system and overall well being.

Your immune systems ability to protect itself is hindered by the combination of stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just exercising and eating well, its taking an active approach to lowering your stress levels. One of the best ways to do this is to get regular massages. Regular massages can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Remember, consistency is key. The more massages you get, the better your body will feel. Consider your monthly massage sessions as a natural way to prevent and combat illness.

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