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5 Reasons Why Men Need Massages MORE Often

November 30, 2015

We could spend quite some time speculating as to why men don’t come in to get massages until they are referred by a doctor or chiropractor, receive a gift certificate or perhaps it was their partner making an appointment for a couples massage.  There many reasons as to why, but here are the reason’s you should be listening to your wife or girlfriend and coming in on a regular basis.

Treat ailments from work

Whether it’s from a physically demanding job or a desk job, massage can help treat muscles that have been overused. Repetitive motions such as typing can lead to muscle fatigue. As muscles tighten, they lose flexibility, which leads to postural issues and a higher risk of injury.

Injuries from being active

Massage can prevent sport injuries as well as help promote the healing process of injuries by flushing out the lactic acid and metabolic waste to move out of the body allowing for oxygen-rich and nutrient-filled blood to flow in.. Men who are active in sports and receive massage on a regular basis are able to perform at a higher level.

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Promote well being

We all have stress in our lives. Massage can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression which helps promote a general sense of well being.

Reduce stress

According to Men’s Health magazine men are at a higher risk for high blood pressure once they reach the age of 45. High blood pressure is related to numerous health risks such as hypertension, kidney failure and heart failure. Massage can help reduce high blood pressure by relieving stress and improving circulation.

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Time to recharge

Most people equate having a busy schedule with success; however, it is important to not let yourself get burnt out so you can continue to manage your responsibilities. It is important to find some quality me time and massage can help you do that. Massage is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself with some much needed meditation.

So the next time you feel your body aches and pains coming back, schedule yourself a massage. You deserve it. Having a particular stressful week? Try a hot stone or deep tissue massage to help melt away all you worries and tension away. You can also try one of our therapeutic add ons.

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