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Benefits of Chair Massage in the Workplace

May 24, 2016

What if you could boost morale and productivity in your company? One proven way to do that is with a massage chair and a professional massage therapist. This is known as “on site massage” or “mobile massage” and it is an incredible addition to any office environment.

Our licensed massage and bodywork therapists are available to travel to your place of work with a massage chair to give your employees a quick massage – usually five to 10 minutes each. On site corporate massage helps team members relax as we focus on high tension areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands.

Massage benefits

There was a study by the American Psychologist website that showed employees who had a chair massage performed better at their job, and felt more rested, than a group that just took a break with no massage.

Massages improve problem solving abilities and improves creative thinking. In addition to relieving stress, it also relieves fatigue. Sometimes a person is rejuvenated by a massage when a short rest is not enough.

Wellness programs with Massage

You can incorporate on-site massage to a wellness program at the workplace. Our massage therapists can help relieve stress and help your team relax, so they can be as productive as they can possibly be.

A chair massage program can be a regular part of a wellness program and become a routine at your business, such as “Massage Monday” or “Wellness Wednesday” as many of our corporate clients have done.  It can also be used as a reward for employees. Some businesses also bring us in during especially stressful times or on a short term basis. Whichever avenue you take, you will notice improved morale and a more relaxed workforce almost immediately.


Increased bottom line

Reduced stress, better performance, more creativity are the benefits, and with those things going on, everyone will become a believer!

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