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Can Massage Help With PMS?

July 15, 2016

Roughly four out of five women suffer from Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS. PMS can cause symptoms that include painful cramping, uncomfortable bloating, and even frustrating mood swings. Many woman suffer from such problems for a time every single month. Such symptoms can make a woman’s life unpleasant every single month. Fortunately, there is help. A monthly massage can help any woman reduce her frustrating symptoms and feel far better.

Cramping Problems

Cramps can make any woman feel miserable. The pain from sharp PMS cramps can be eased with our help. We offer a highly soothing massage that is all about reducing cramps . At our beautiful, serene quarters, we provide an ideal way for our clients to get the treatment they need to ease and even completely get rid of their cramps. Using techniques such as reflexology, hot stone massage, and Swedish massage, we help any woman breathe easier and avoid pain from PMS cramps.

Water Retention

At Coastal Massage & Bodywork, we offer many types of massages that can help reduce the sense of bloating and water retention that can make life so uncomfortable each month. Bloating means that the body retains water. With assistance from our massage therapists, any client can pick from eight different kinds of massages that may can be help her fit into her favorite jeans no matter the time of the month. Such a massage can reduce the amount of fluid that accumulates in a woman’s lymph ducts, literally allowing her to avoid weight gain during the time leading up to her period.

Emotional Control

The monthly rush of hormones can also cause many problems. A woman may feel she feels depressed during this time of the month and unable to function as well as she should. A monthly massage from our highly trained therapists is the ideal way to feel pampered and utterly relaxed. Our skilled massage therapists are able to help ease a woman’s stress and allow her to let go of her cares in a calming environment.

Skin Problems

PMS can also cause skin problems. Many women find they suffer embarrassing acne outbreaks each month or oily skin. At our spa, we offer many kinds of skin care treatments that are ideal for the needs of our clients. Such treatments are the perfect way to relieve such problems. When coupled with a massage that helps with circulation, many women find this to be the best way to help their skin look and feel better no matter the time of the month.

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