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Introducing Energy Work at Coastal Massage & Spa

October 14, 2018

Have you ever gone into a room & thought, “Wow, the energy in here is really great!” Or, perhaps you have entered a room or establishment and felt uncomfortable or uneasy. What you may be feeling is energy. That’s because everything is made up of energy, it’s all around you and is you. That’s right, you, me, the flowers, the trees…even the stones and shells on the beach are vibrating energy fields & the space between. Let me elaborate; organic objects tend to have a higher energy frequency that non-organic. So, a tree would have a stronger energy field than a wooden table. The tree in its natural (organic) state will give off more energy, at a higher frequency, than the same tree that has been cut down and fashioned into a piece of furniture. We are no different from trees in this case. When we are in nature our energy frequency rises because that is our natural state.

So, since we are all made of energy, we here at Coastal Massage & Spa thought it would be beneficial if we offered a service that works specifically to balance your energy. Not just to balance it, but to activate it and unblock it should it become stagnant. Often times a blockage or imbalance of energy can manifest itself in a physical manner, such as an illness or disease. It is important to get your energy centers flowing and working together evenly.

You do not have to understand how energy works for it to become balanced. Chances are, your energy has become unbalanced without your knowledge. At Coastal Massage & Spa, we have trained energy workers that have been studying and working with other people’s energy for over 20 years. Our chakra balancing massage uses 5 different modalities to encourage and orchestrate energy activation and balancing.

If you would like more information on Reiki or our Chakra Balancing Massage, please give us a call 910.208.4161.